My review of Jeremy Shoemaker’s

I came across the shoe money network while looking for marketing opportunities.At first , I was skeptical about this program. The next step was to do my homework diligently which i did. Having researched hundreds of programs, some good some quite bad.Should this be something to check out? So i went to Mr. Shoemakers site, looked it over and decided to sign up for his newsletter. I am on his newsletter an saw an email that said he was frustrated that he has sold many “how to make money online” products and even thought the content was good,very few people logged in and did anything.
So he claimed not only would this be free but he would pay you for accomplish tasks. I signed up.  More because I was curious to see what his angle was than anything else.  The first task was drop dead simple and I instantly received a dollar and it was sent to my Paypal instantly. and yet I never paid him anything.

Then I continued and went through the course now setting up my website.  Then installing a theme, then installing plugins, etc etc.  By the end of the 2nd level he send me $3.  The course continued and I was impressed.

Jeremy not only walks you through setting up everything step by step (and paying you as you accomplish the tasks), but also makes it fun awarding you belts like a karate system.

Jeremy has an excellent support staff that will help you if your having problems with your site. These are real people you can connect with. So after completing the core content, I finished my blog and made a little money along the way.This is the real deal. I have a great blog with all the key plugins. A decked out Facebook page and a Email newsletter.Like I said before I never paid him a dollar.If you have an interest in online marketing give this a try.When you make your first dollar in five minutes you will be hooked like I was , Thank you Jeremy.Go ahead check this out at click here to register.

Hi my name is Mike O’Brian I enjoy motorcycles, art welding, and magic. I belong to IBM ring 172.

The Flyers of WWI

The flyers of WWI were a brave bunch of men . Imagine the camaraderie  these men had for one another.drinking together, womanizing together, fighting together. This had to be some kind of rush to fly the early birds. airplane mechanics were probably learning as they went. Get up in the air was just as dangerous as getting down. Last Fall i visited Wright Paterson air force base. Naturally i would ran to the WWI section to live the dream. old world war I films showed aerial dogfights. Planes fall from the sky. Heroes of the air the likes of Eddie Rickenbacker,Frank Luke Jr,Douglas Campbell . These men were American heros. Germany had her heros also, Mannfried and Lother Von Richthofen.My hat is off to all the aviators of that era.







Hi my name is Mike O’Brian I enjoy motorcycles, art welding, and magic. I belong to IBM ring 172.

Death of Adolf Hitler

I came across a book that sparked my reading interest.”The Death of Adolph Hitler”.The author, Lev Bezymenski  gives a graphic account of the autopsy report of Hitler , Eva Braun, and  his dogs. With gruesome photos of the macabre autopsy that was conducted, this is a chilling read. There have been several books written about Hitler and the third Reich, but this is the first i have come across about the autopsy.The evidence seems convincing. And added twist is the mention of Hitlers dog Blondie be used for cyanide  experiments. My copy is a first edition (1968).This may be hard to fine.

Hi my name is Mike O’Brian I enjoy motorcycles, art welding, and magic. I belong to IBM ring 172.